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JKA Bahrain Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Date: 12/10/2016 - Created: 12/17/2016
Mock JKA Bahrain Celebrates 10th Anniversary

On December 10th 2016, JKA Bahrain held a celebration event to mark its 10th year anniversary since it has been granted its official license from Japan to operate in Bahrain.

Joining with staff from JKA Bahrain and JKA Muharraq, members and their families, the organization celebrated its 10th anniversary.  The evening program for guests was preceded by an opening speech by Chairman and Chief Instructor Sensei Ehab Eshehawi who addressed members emphasizing the importance and impact of Martial Arts in our lives.  Parents and members were also encouraged to focus on the benefits of training from a physical and mental aspects. Sensei Ehab also presented special awards to members and volunteers who were exceptional in their training and support to others.  This was followed by serving an evening buffet, refreshments, and special cake marking the 10th year anniversary.  The celebration continued on into the evening with many members exchanging ideas and stories about Martial Arts development in their lives.


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