JKA Team

One of the key strengths of the JKA is its method of teaching. All our instructors are JKA certified from Japan. Each instructor undergoes rigorous evaluation and testing before being granted his or her instructor qualifications. This unique specialist instruction system, established decades ago, is still the only one of its kind, and produces some of the best athletes and teachers in the world of karate. All JKA instructors—whether in Japan or heading up Regional or National branches around the world—pass on the fundamentals and techniques they have mastered, ensuring that karate’s highest tradition lives on in each dojo.

In addition to being certified as a JKA Instructor, JKA Bahrain Instructors are certified JKA examiners, and judges. JKA Bahrain instructors must also attend and pass re-certification programs on regular basis as per JKA Japan.

All JKA Bahrain instructors are volunteers who wish to train and maintain their JKA credentials and membership.

What makes JKA an Elite Organization?

JKA Instructors Are Certified Professionals All of the JKA's instructors are certified professionals trained for an extensive period specifically to be instructors. They are not just karate teachers, nor are they arbitrary in their teaching. Their dedication to teaching the way helps ensure that the true essence of karate is passed on to each student. And this devotion shows in each student's technique.

JKA Maintains a Specialist Instructor Training Program Unlike any other karate group, the JKA offers a specialist instructor training program for students who show exceptional capability and prowess in karate. Students take a rigorous entrance exam and tests, followed by two years of intense study and practice at the Tokyo JKA HQ Dojo. They are required to write and submit monthly research papers on specific themes given by their instructors, thereby showing their ingenuity, willingness and devotion to karate. Those that successfully graduate from this program, and can meet the stiff requirements, are accepted as professional instructors. This very strict approach ensures that the scientific foundations and traditions of JKA karate are maintained.



Ehab Eshehawi

JKA Bahrain Chairman, and Chief Instructor, JKA 5th DAN, Certified Instructor, Examiner, Judge and DAN Rights Holder
JKA Bahrain was established in the fall of 2006 by Ehab Sensei, the Chief Instructor for the past few years, Ehab Sensei has developed one of the most respected reputations across Bahrain and the Gulf as a tradional JKA karate instructor. He embodies the philosophy and spirit of shotokan karate and stricktly maintains the quality of karate as taught in Japan.

Walid Omeish

General Manager Director & Senior Instructor, JKA 3rd DAN, Certified Instructor, Examiner and Judge
Over 25 years with Japan Karate Association. Sensei Walid began his Karate career with JKA America where he trained for more than 10 years. He holds a certified instructor and judge license from Japan.

Edgar Kapawen

Senior Instructor, JKA 4th DAN, Certified Instructor and Judge
Kapawen Sensei has been with JKA since 1978. He has obtained gold and silver metals over the years in JKA national and international tournaments. He is the direct student of some of the greatest japanese instructors like Sasaki Kunio Sensei and Masanori Takahashi Sensei. He is a full-time dedicated professional JKA instructor with wealth of knowledge in Kata and Kumite training.

Kenneth Kapawen

Senior Instructor, JKA 3rd DAN, Certified Instructor and Judge
15+ years of experience. Embodies the JKA spirit and was molded to be a JKA Karate Ka since a very young age. Winner of many competitions in Asia and Bahrain.

Rajab Al-Blushi

Senior Instructor, JKA 3rd DAN, Certified Instructor and Judge
20 years of experience. Rajab Sensei has been practicing and teaching karate in Bahrain for the past few years. He has shifted to JKA Bahrain in 2009 and is a qualified instructor under JKA Bahrain since then. Rajab Sensei is also the JKA Bahrain representative on Bahrain Martial Arts Association (Federation) technical committee.

Ankur Sharma

Instructor JKA 2nd Dan, JKA Certified Instructor and Judge
Ankur Sempai joined our JKA team few years back, a diligent karate-ka who has recently competed in JKA 14th Funakoshi Gichin Cup world Championship 2017. Ankur has travelled and trained in the famous JKA HQ Tokyo dojo.

JKA Bahrain Current Instructors

Certified JKA Instructors by JKA Tokyo HQ
All the above instructors hold instructor license from japan

Former Instructors

Caroline Cessac 2006-2008 >>>>>>>>>>> Clive Richards 2007-2009 >>>>>>>>>>>>> Karim Hindili 2008-2010 >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Karen Coureau 2010-2015 >>>>>>>>>>>>>
The above instructors have served at the Japan Martial Arts Center in Budayia during the mentioned above years. We are thankful for their volunteer work and support during their time with Japan Martial Arts Center and JKA Bahrain.