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Japan Karate Association (Tokyo) is where it all started. The association is over 60 years old and still going. To train at the JKA is an experience you will cherish forever. If you have the time and money, visit the JKA in Tokyo and discover the history of Shotokan Karate. Japan Karate Association

Other international JKA Countries that JKA Bahrain works with:

Other countries are listed on the JKA Japan web site http://www.jka.or.jp/english/about/branches.html 

JKA Gulf JKA-Arabian gulf countries have direct relation to Japan Karate Association - World Federation in Tokyo - Japan. Each country has an official representative or a chairman assigned by JKA-HQ Tokyo.  All countries meet once a year for JKA-Gulf tournament and seminars.  JKA/WF Gulf is a none-profit organization www.jka-gulf.com adhering to the same standards mandated by JKA Japan.

JKA Kuwait is the official JKA Branch in the Kuwait.  The Branch is headed by Sensei Marwan Sultan.  The Branch is endorsed by JKA Tokyo Japan www.jka-kuwait.com   

JKA UAE is the official JKA Branch in the UAE.  The Branch is headed by Sensei Abdul Rahman Al Haddad.  The Branch is endorsed by JKA Tokyo Japan http://www.shotokanuae.com/index.htm 

JKA Eastern KSA and JKA Aramco - are official JKA branches in the eastern province of Saudi Arabia.  The branches are headed by Sensei Fawaz Merheb and are in cooperation with JKA Gulf countries.  The branches are endorsed by JKA HQ Tokyo Japan http://www.jka-ksa.com/

Shotokan Magazine The top publication in print addressing Shotokan Karate in its real form. It is about the discipline of Karate and right form. This is not about sport Karate, this is the real thing. Great articles about legends, current instructors, and techniques that apply in the real world of Karate Shotokan Magazine

Karate The Japanese Way This is a great web site with an insight to training in Japan by Mark Groenewold who lives in Japan and has been part of the Japanese society for the past 10 year, Karate the Japanese Way

Kamikaze Web This is a great site for shopping for Karate goods. We have a group discount with Kamikaze Web which enables us to buy Karate uniforms at a lower price than posted on their site. If you are interested, please contact us and we will place the order for you, Kamikaze Web

Japan Karate Federation JKF was established in 1964 to organize Japanese Karatedo for the first time. Since that time,the JKF has increased overall recognition of Karatedo by joining the Japan Amateur Sports Association and the National Athletic Meet. Japan Karate Federation



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